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Beck On Joe Scarborough: It’s Hard To “Fail With Such Style And On Such A Grand Scale”

Glenn Beck was not thrilled with comments Joe Scarborough made about the extension of the Bush era tax cuts. Scarborough had joked that that President Obama had confirmed the Right’s fears that he was a Socialist by redistributing the wealth only he was sending it all to the wealthy. Beck and crew pointed out that it’s not really redistribution if it’s your money you’re keeping. They then got personal, taking shots at Scarborough’s vanished radio show and his claims that it was being revamped and not canceled.

The key moment was when Beck pointed out that there needed to be someone to go over the intricacies of the compromise but it shouldn’t be Scarborough because he was “too busy failing.” After all, it takes a lot of energy to “fail with such style and on such a grand scale and so many times.” After that, they repeated Don Imus’ shots from back in April when the show first went off the air. Those comments led to angry tweets from Scarborough at the time. We’ll see how he responds this time. We just hope no one involved ends up kissing anyone else’s posterior.

(h/t Right Scoop)

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