Beck: Why Would Trump Call Clinton a ‘Nasty Woman’ When He’s ‘Cratering With Women’?!

Glenn Beck was absolutely bewildered by Donald Trump‘s bad debate performance last night, especially considering he was up against “the worst candidate on the left I’ve ever seen.”

Beck was, of course, appalled by Clinton’s answers on issues like guns, and abortion, but he may have been a little more astounded by how Trump seemed to know absolutely nothing about what partial-birth abortion actually is.

He also took the opportunity to remind listeners that he had been warning for years about the rigged media and how “this is not them doing something special to Donald Trump.”

But Beck really flipped out over Trump calling Clinton a “nasty woman”:

“I could not believe I heard him say ‘Such a nasty woman’!… Even if you believe that, you don’t say that!… When you’re cratering with women and you don’t look like you respect women, you don’t say that!”

Listen above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

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