Beckel To O’Reilly: Frank Luntz’s Debate Focus Group ‘Doesn’t Rise To The Standard Of Your Show’

Beckel To O'Reilly: Frank Luntz's Focus Group 'Doesn't Rise To Standard Of Your Show'

The Five co-host Bob Beckel sat down with Bill O’Reilly tonight to react to the debate and the focus group results found by Republican pollster Frank Luntz following the debate last night. Beckel slammed what he believed to be skewed results by Luntz, telling O’Reilly it “doesn’t rise to the standard of your show.”

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Luntz found that a large number of people in his focus group who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 are switching their vote to Mitt Romney this time around. Beckel sighed and shook his head, telling O’Reilly that he used to work in the polling business and said, “That is not the way you do a focus group, this is ridiculous.”

Beckel told O’Reilly that the poll doesn’t rise to the standard of his own show, and accused Luntz of being a “cheerleader” for one side while pretending to impartially get focus group results. O’Reilly asked Beckel if he meant the people in the focus group were trying to “please” Luntz. O’Reilly pushed back against Beckel, defending Luntz as an “honest” man, while remarking sarcastically that no one in the world wants to please Luntz.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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