Beckel Unloads on Darrell lssa: ‘Do You Want to Defend the Son of a Bitch?’

The Five co-host Bob Beckel went after House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa for holding hearing after hearing on the IRS tea party targeting scandal. Republicans are planning to refer Lois Lerner‘s case to the Department of Justice to look into possible criminal charges, but Beckel squared in on Issa, calling him a “failed chairman” and angrily asking Eric Bolling, “Do you want to defend the son of a bitch? Go ahead!”

Bolling, who earlier in the segment vented about how nothing ever comes out of congressional grandstanding on either side, shot back, “I’m not! I said both sides do it!” Beckel kept hammering Issa, saying he’s still pushing “B.S.” that there’s a White House link to all this. He said, “Darrell Issa is a fool and a terrible chairman.”

Beckel asked why Issa hasn’t “come up with something after all these hearings,” only to immediately answer his own question with “because he doesn’t know what he’s doing!” Bolling pointed out again that both sides are guilty of this, that Senate committees are headed by Democrats and “nothing comes out of those either.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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