‘Believe Me!’: Tim Kaine Does a Mocking Trump Impression During DNC Speech

kaineDemocratic Vice Presidential nominee and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine gave a fairly standard speech during the Democratic National Convention tonight, until he got around to the portion about Donald Trump.

He talked about his missionary work, his public service, his time in Congress, and how much he’s gotten to know Hillary Clinton, before he went on the attack.

“When you wanna know something about the character of somebody in public life,” Kaine said, “look to see if they have a passion that began long before they were in office and that they have consistently held it throughout their career… Donald Trump has a passion too. It’s himself!”

Kaine brought up Trump’s “believe me!” verbal tic in a mocking tone, saying things like, “There’s nothing suspicious in my tax returns, believe me!”

He proceeded to run down a list of ways Trump has swindled people (i.e. Florida condos and Trump University) to make the case that he is a con artist, declaring, “You cannot believe one word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth!”

And just to stick the knife in, Kaine cited Republicans who have trashed Trump, even invoking the words of the man who co-wrote The Art of the Deal.

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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