Ben Carson: Trump Helps My Run Because ‘Fewer People Talking About My Lack of Political Experience’

At least one Republican presidential candidate is happy about Donald Trump‘s rise in the polls: Ben Carson.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press today, the retired neurosurgeon told host Chuck Todd that Trump’s surge to first in the primary polls has actually been helpful for Carson’s own campaign (emphasis added):

[I]t’s a tremendous help. It’s a tremendous aid because fewer people are talking about my lack of political experience now. And that’s good because, you know, experience can come from a variety of different places. And certainly the life that you have led, you know, in my case, you know, solving complex problems, being involved in corporate America, starting a national nonprofit, you get an enormous amount of experience doing these things, particularly in solving problems. And, you know, it’s an erroneous thought that only political experience is expedient.

Watch below, via NBC:

[Image via NBC/screengrab]
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