Ben Carson’s Book Outsold Hillary’s Hard Choices Last Week


Last week, according to the latest figures from the Nielsen BookScan, Ben Carson‘s memoir “One Nation” outsold Hillary Clinton‘s book Hard Choices by a whopping 60%.

Figures provided to The Daily Caller indicated that Carson’s book, which was released a week before Hard Choices, sold roughly 16,000 copies to Clinton’s 10,000. At this point, total sales of Carson’s book trail Hillary’s by only 9,000 copies — which is not that much, considering Hard Choices shipped a million books to stores in the first place.

Both authors are widely viewed to be possible presidential contenders in 2016, which will undoubtedly lead to pundit-class questions about Hillary. On MSNBC this morning, the panelists debated whether people were “fatigued” by Hillary, and whether this book battle could be seen as a proxy war between two potential presidential candidates.

“A book tour is like a presidential campaign,” said Donny Deutsch. “You package the product and try to get people excited about it. [And] the book tour and the book’s failure to sell as many copies as a publisher, suggests she needs a different repackaging. Still the front-runner for the White House, but you’ve got to be about the future and about being forward-looking and she is not right now.”

UPDATE — 1:19 PM EST: Readers are pointing out that the people buying Carson’s book are, in fact, a massive Super PAC placing bulk orders. So…no one wins?

Watch that below, via MSNBC:

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