Ben Ferguson Blows Up After CNN Host Tells Him ‘Secret Society’ Text Was a Joke: ‘That’s Absurd!’


Earlier this week, after a multi-day campaign to push a campaign that FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were part of a “secret society” to take down President Trump, the text that served as the basis of the conspiracy theory was released. And lo and behold, the text revealed that it was all just a joke instead of a cabal of Deep Staters plotting against the president.

During a CNN panel discussion tonight on the subject, political commentator Ben Ferguson pushed back on the notion that the text was made in jest. When host Jim Sciutto tried to tell him the text reportedly referred to gag gifts of Putin-themed calendars, Ferguson lashed out and exclaimed that FBI agents should never joke when involved in investigations.

After Ferguson and fellow panelist Sally Kohn tangled for a few minutes, Sciutto jumped in to try to set the record straight after Ferguson said we should take a look at the words of the agents’ texts.

“Well, secret society, even [Senator] Ron Johnson admits it’s a joke,” Sciutto stated.

Ferguson responded that Johnson didn’t admit it was made in jest but instead the senator said it was a possibility. After Sciutto asked Ferguson if he had read the texts, the conservative commentator gave this response: “They should never joke about a secret society when they are investigating the president of the United States — This is the FBI.”

We then got this explanation from Ferguson following Sciutto bringing up the Putin gag calendars:

“Let me get this straight. Jim, let’s be clear here. Get this straight. You are telling me because you have all these text messages between two FBI agents that clearly show a bias against the president, you are saying everything they said about the president is a joke, they should not have been demoted for their jobs? Come on, that’s absurd!”

“I was correcting the record where the record needed to be corrected.” the CNN host noted.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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