Ben Sasse Grilled on The View Over Kavanaugh Vote: ‘Did You Not Believe Her Testimony?’


Senator Ben Sasse (R- NE) joined the ladies of The View this morning, and right off the bat Joy Behar confronted him over his decision to vote for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In the days before the vote, Sasse delivered a speech on the Senate floor lamenting the partisan circus surrounding the confirmation battle and praising the #MeToo movement. He also criticized President Donald Trump for his mocking of Christine Blasey Ford, which he reiterated this morning.

Behar then said, “You said at the hearing with Kavanaugh that you thought Dr. Ford was a victim, which I’ve heard from a lot of Republican senators. You even went down and shook her hand and you seemed sympathetic to her, polite, and yet you still voted for Kavanaugh. Same thing with Susan Collins and other people who––Flake, very sympathetic, she’s a victim, and then you all voted for him anyway. Why?”

Sasse said he believes the #MeToo movement is incredibly important and women need to be heard. He said Dr. Ford was clearly hurting, but said the investigations were thorough and the people named “who say the event didn’t happen.”

Behar countered that they just don’t remember it. Sasse said, “Some of them said more than that.”

Behar noted how Ford kept emphasizing during the Senate hearing that she clearly remembers the identity of the man who assaulted her, and she told Sasse, “If that’s all true, we’re stuck with this guy for the rest of his life. He’s very young.”

Sunny Hostin asked, “Did you not believe her testimony?”

“I believe that she’s a victim and I believe that she’s hurting and I believe she was terribly served by the whole way this thing was played out as a circus,” Sasse responded. “The media circus that the Senate decided to throw itself in the middle of, not deliberating about rights of accusers, but also rights of [the] accused. But there were real core problems with her story.”

You can watch above, via ABC.

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