Ben Sasse Scolds Congress During Kavanaugh Hearing, Invokes Schoolhouse Rock


Senator Ben Sasse (R- NE) scolded Congress during remarks at Brett Kavanaugh‘s hearing today, invoking Schoolhouse Rock as he talked about separation of powers and the responsibilities of the legislative branch.

He started out by defending Kavanaugh and saying some of the attacks on him are way over the line, arguing that the “hysteria” that arises during every Supreme Court nomination fight results from people seeing the Supreme Court in a political way.

As he invoked “Schoolhouse Rock civics,” Sasse talked about Congress “punt[ing] most of their work” and giving away power so they don’t have to make tough decisions.

“There’s no verse,” he continued, “of Schoolhouse Rock that says, ‘Give a whole bunch of power to the alphabet soup agencies and let them decide what the government’s decision should be for the people because the people don’t have any way to fire the bureaucrats.'”

He went back to the Supreme Court specifically and people looking to it as a politicized body:

“The solution is not to try to find judges who will be policymakers. The solution is not to try to turn the Supreme Court into an election battle for TV. The solution is to restore a proper constitutional order with a balance of powers. We need Schoolhouse Rock back, we need a Congress that writes laws and then stands before the people and suffers the consequences and getting to back to our own Mt. Vernon, if that’s what the electors decide. We need an executive branch that has a humble view of its job as enforcing the law, not trying to write laws in the Congress’ absence and we need a judiciary that tries to apply written laws to facts and cases that are actually before it.”

Sasse concluded by defending Kavanaugh’s record again and saying, “It seems to me that judge Kavanaugh is ready to do his job, the question for us is whether we’re ready to do our job.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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