Ben Shapiro Declares The Left Doesn’t Listen to Opposing Views…on Fox & Friends


Ben Shapiro, currently on a media tour ahead of his sure-to-be controversial appearance at UC Berkeley, joined Fox & Friends Wednesday morning…to bemoan that “if you’re on the left, you never hear anybody with a different point of view.”

Shapiro, editor-in-chief of conservative website Daily Wire, was taking on the liberal university “machine” that he thinks stifles conservative thought and ideas.

“I think the people that are really disadvantaged by the leftism of universities are people in the middle and people on the left, because you never hear a dissenting point of view,” he said before noting that he appreciated his education at university because it allowed him to test his views against liberal arguments.

“The problem is that if you’re on the left you never hear anybody with a different point of view. And so you come up with this notion, that has been imbibed wholesale by the Democratic party, that everybody on the right — because you’ve never heard a right wing argument — everybody on the right must be a Nazi and Nazis are worth punching.”

Eye-roll-inducing hyperbole aside, Shapiro makes an important point in light of the unnecessary drama caused by his and other conservative speakers’ attempts to speak at liberal colleges, notably UC Berkeley.

Nonetheless, Shapiro could show a little more self-awareness. After all, Fox & Friends — cable news’ most notorious factory of Pro-Trump GOP propaganda — is perhaps not the best venue to ding liberals for not being open to differing opinions.

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