Ben Shapiro : Don’t Count Michael Avenatti Out As the 2020 Democrat Nominee for President

Ben Shapiro was on Fox & Friends today for a takedown of Kevin Hart and the politically-charged messages last night at the MTV Video Music Awards.

There were a number of political statements during the Monday night festivities, not the least of which were Hart’s jokes about President Trump at the top of the show. Of course, this gave the Daily Wire editor-in-chief all the leeway he needed to sarcastically mock the presenters for singing to the choir with their “brave and courageous” embrace of the anti-Trump movement.

“I’m going to make a headline tonight and I have to virtue signal to all the people in the Hollywood community and New York community that I’m anti-Trump,” Shapiro said. “President Trump has basically become the moral litmus test for folks on the left and on the west coast.”

Shapiro also noted that Michael Avenatti was in the audience last night, and he said the Stormy Daniels lawyer may very well be a solid presidential contender, just because of how effectively he harnesses anger towards Trump.

“I wouldn’t count him out as a presidential contender in 2020 for the Democrats because he fires up base and the only thing that unifies the Democrats right now is hatred of the president.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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