Ben Shapiro Gets Brutally Mocked on Twitter for Storming Out of Tough BBC Interview: ‘Snowflake’


Ben Shapiro‘s Twitter mentions have seen better days since political observers have pummeled him online for fleeing from British journalist Andrew Neil in the middle of a BBC interview.

The Daily Wire editor in chief gave Neil an interview earlier this week for Politics Live, during which, he was aggressively questioned over his controversial rhetoric about Arabs, his opposition to abortion, and a litany of other topics. When Neil tried to ask Shapiro what he means about how society is “turning its back on Judeo-Christian values,” Shapiro terminated the interview by answering “I’m not inclined to continue in an interview with a person as badly-motivated as you as an interviewer so we’re done here.”

Since that interview was recorded, Shapiro has gone on Twitter to express a certain degree of regret for how he handled the conversation.

Even so, the interview was so combative that American and international audiences are both taking notice, and they have a lot to say about it.

One of the portions getting the most attention was the part where Shapiro accused Neil and the BBC of being a left-wing hacks after being questioned on abortion. Online reactors were not only amused by Neil dismissing Shapiro’s “ridiculous” criticism, but also they’re pointing out Neil is an aggressive questioner to everyone and just so happens to be chairman of the conservative-leaning magazine, The Spectator.

Beyond that, viewers were intrigued with how Shapiro decided to cut the interview short instead of sticking it out until the end.

Watch above, via BBC.

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