comScore Ben Stein: Banning the AR-15 Would Be a ‘Damn Good Idea’

Ben Stein: Banning the AR-15 Would Be a ‘Damn Good Idea’

Prior to President Trump‘s listening session today, Ben Stein appeared with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto today and said right at the top, “I think it’s a damn good idea to ban the AR-15.”

He continued by calling it an “extremely seductive weapon” that makes “a person who’s a big nerd be able to go into a gun shop, buy it, come out feeling like he’s Rambo.”

“There’s no reason to have it,” he continued.

Stein said he is a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but said he draws a line here.

His comments today follow a piece he wrote for The American Spectator titled “The Time for Civilians to Own AR-15s Is Over,” in which Stein said this:

Let’s just stop selling AR-15s at stores or at gun shows or anywhere. There have been too many innocent people killed by too many insane people who could not have done it without the AR-15 or its copycats. We love the right to bear arms. We used to love our assault rifle substitutes. But Madison and Jefferson did not intend that insane people should have access to weapons of mass destruction to use at high schools and rock concerts. We’ve seen the hell that these devices can cause in the hands of any of the millions of maniacs out there. We don’t need any more proof. Let’s have at least a modicum of common sense. The time for civilians to own AR-15s is over. No issues about background checks. Just no more manufacturing or selling of AR-15s. Period.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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