Ben Stein on Fox Business: ‘Black People’ Feel Attachment to Being ‘Underdogs’ and ‘Being Victimized’


Ben Stein cannot be defined by a simple label. The former ’80s actor, game show host, economist, lawyer and former speechwriter for both Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford also appears to consider himself something of an expert on “black people,” evidenced by the punditry he provided on Fox Business’ Trish Regan Primetime.

Host Trish Regan noted to her guest the current record low unemployment for Black-Americans under President Donald Trump, before asking if the political loyalty of Black-Americans might be starting to shift from traditionally supporting the Democratic party to the Republican party.

Stein admitted that he didn’t “think that was true,” adding that he doesn’t know why. He then explained his reasoning, stating, “There is a very deep attachment to black people feeling like they’re the underdogs and the feeling like they’re being victimized.” He then added, fairly, “and for a very long time they were underdogs, and they were victimized. so you can see why they feel that way.”

The notion conveyed by Stein in this clip isn’t a necessarily new idea, and echoes the thoughts of conservative Black American writer Shelby Steele, who wrote an essay for Harper’s titled “Ghettoized by Black Unity” in which he postulated that identifying as part of a larger community that has long been oppressed, keeps Black Americans from developing a sense of individuality and self-reliance necessary to compete in the free market of ideas.

Steele’s ideas — and those expressed by Stein here —  are widely dismissed by the majority of Black American racial experts and there is a significant difference between Steele making an observation about his own community, as opposed to Stein assessing it from the outside.

Watch above via Fox Business.

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