Ben Stein: ‘Trump Is Probably the Least Intellectual President We’ve Had In a Very Long Time’


Conservative economist and actor Ben Stein once served as former President Richard Nixon’s speechwriter and done his level best to rehabilitate Nixon’s image in the years since. During an appearance on MSNBC today, Stein wanted to highlight Nixon’s intellectualism. And in doing so, he took a big shot at the current occupant of the White House.

“Mr. Nixon was the most reasonable person in the world and Mr. Nixon was an extreme intellectual,” Stein told anchor David Gura. “If the history books are fair to him — which is a very, very long shot — they’ll agree he was a bigtime intellectual.”

Stein continued, “Whereas Mr. Trump is probably the least intellectual president we’ve had in a very long time — maybe since Andrew Johnson. It’s going to be very hard to tell him that he doesn’t know anything. This is a man who is a great man in many ways, but he doesn’t think there’s anything he doesn’t know and he doesn’t know better than anybody else.”

Asked by Gura what he still found appealing about Trump, Stein explained that he likes that the president “doesn’t get pushed around by the media” and that “he stands up for himself.” At the same time, he said that Trump’s “America First” motto reminds him of a “pro-Nazi slogan.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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