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Bergdahl Platoon Member: Not Clear Him Leaving Directly Led to More Attacks

Gerald Sutton, one of the members of Bowe Bergdahl‘s platoon, was rather hesitant to repeat claims by others who served with them about a link between Bergdahl’s disappearance and increased attacks on their base, telling Jake Tapper that’s a pretty serious allegation to make without all the evidence to back it up. Evan Buetow, Bergdahl’s team leader, and Justin Gerleve, his squad leader, both told Tapper this week that they noticed an increase in attacks on their base after Bergdahl reportedly deserted.

Sutton said that neither he nor the other soldiers in the platoon he’s spoken with have any knowledge of prior instances when Bergdahl walked off-base, as one report said, and none of them have knowledge of a supposed note Bergdahl left behind beforehand.

Tapper then asked him about the idea that attacks on the base increased after Bergdahl left. Sutton was hesitant to make any kind of direct connection.

“As a unit stays in-country for a longer period of time, the placement of IEDs always changes. So that could just be a part of it… it could be a number of different things, and to say that it was Bergdahl alone, that he’s the main factor, that’s kind of a powerful statement and we need some serious evidence to back that up.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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