Bernie Campaign Manager on Trump Attacking Hillary: ‘Even the Devil Speaks the Truth’

PicMonkey-Collage-Trump-Clinton-300x197-300x197Even as independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders insists that he will do everything in his power to defeat Donald Trump, Trump has begun adopting several of Sanders’ attack lines against former Secretary of State and likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver seemed to endorse those attacks over the weekend when Rev. Al Sharpton asked him if Trump’s use of Sanders quotes would be harmful to Clinton’s general election bid:

Sharpton: Donald Trump, he is recycling some of Bernie Sanders’ statements against Mrs. Clinton. How do you deal with that, and does that bother you?

Weaver: Let me say this, you’re a reverend, even the Devil will speak the truth for his own purposes. Donald Trump will say what he says. He has plenty of ways to attack Secretary Clinton.

In April, Sanders attacked Hilary Clinton as “not qualified to be president,” and has also attacked her judgment, two attacks that Trump has made part of his stump speech. Weaver, who has said that Hillary Clinton made a “deal with the Devil” and is responsible for the rise of ISIS, seems to be saying that despite the distasteful source, Trump is speaking the truth when he attacks Hillary Clinton, and that there are “plenty” of other attacks that he can make.

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