Bernie Goldberg: Fox News ‘Is Threatening The Very Existence’ Of Old Media

Fox News came out on top of all its competitors and many other media sources recently on a Battleground poll conducted by Politico and George Washington University in terms of both general popularity and positive reputation among likely voters. While Bill O’Reilly was not surprised by the influence he found his network had, guest Bernie Goldberg was more skeptical: how to believe a survey that says O’Reilly is better known than Ed Schultz?

O’Reilly noted that about half of Americans, according to the poll, had a positive view of him and his show. “What does that tell you about half the country?” Goldberg joked. Aside from his quips, however, Goldberg seemed legitimately impressed by both the power of Fox and the decline of trusted old media sources. “The old media world continues to crumble,” he argued,” noting that the hatred against Fox News was “because Fox is threatening their very existence. Fox is bad for their business.”

But aside from the media angle, Goldberg saw in Fox News’ popularity a sign that, politically, Americans were using Fox News to express their dissent with the status quo in both media and public office. “People have been voting with their remote control device,” he noted, putting Fox News in third place for giving the Tea Party movement “a fair shake.”

O’Reilly and Goldberg’s discussion from last night’s Factor below:

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