Bernie Goldberg Questions Polls On O’Reilly’s Show, Says Investigation May Be Needed

Polls “don’t mean very much” right now, Bill O’Reilly said on his show Monday. But after the first presidential election, they’ll take on a new importance. To discuss current polls and their contradictions, O’Reilly spoke to Bernie Goldberg.

Goldberg noted that the polling situation is baffling, that he has “no idea” whether they are reflecting the reality of the race. Agreeing, O’Reilly also noted that he doesn’t think the polls are “crazy wrong,” but that they probably favor the president by one or two points.

Pointing to Dick Morris‘ poll that puts Mitt Romney ahead by seven or eight points, Goldberg said if Morris is right, Romney wins big and the final polls don’t reflect that, “there’s gonna need to be some kind of investigation.” That said, he added that he doesn’t believe the polls are “rigged.”

O’Reilly argued that more than polls being “rigged,” the issue is that organizations are using the same model they used in 2008 even though turnout won’t be the same this time around.

If they know their model is flawed but just don’t care, the situation slides from bad science “to something more sinister,” Goldberg remarked. The media should investigate the polls later, he added — but he’s not holding his breath, given that that’s the same media doing some of the polling.

The pair agreed that after the election, all the polling should be revisited, including conservative ones.

The segment below, via Fox News:

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