Bernie Goldberg On O’Reilly: Sarah Palin Mangled The Paul Revere Story

Sarah Palin may have not convinced everyone that she is a master of American history with her peculiar rendition of the Paul Revere story last week, though that hasn’t stopped her fans from doing some creative editing on Wikipedia. On tonight’s O’Reilly, Bernie Goldberg defended her from liberal skewering on the matter, but admitted, “Sarah Palin mangled Paul Revere.”

After a lengthy segment on the ongoing Rep. Anthony Weiner story, Bill O’Reilly introduced the other most important story in the media, clarifying, “we like Mr. Revere, he was a good patriot and a good horseback rider.” While O’Reilly appeared to be comfortable giving Palin the benefit of the doubt, Goldberg didn’t mince words: “Sarah Palin mangled Paul Revere. I don’t care if she said she didn’t– she did.” That said, Goldberg mocked NBC’s Brian Williams for covering the story after refusing to discuss Rep. Weiner. “This was one of the more compelling things to cover [than Rep. Weiner].” O’Reilly countered that Revere had, as Palin said, “warned the British” by telling them “you’d better knock it off.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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