Bernie Goldberg On The Rumble: Media ‘Willing To Tolerate’ O’Reilly Because They Love Jon Stewart

On Bill O’Reilly‘s show Monday night, Bernie Goldberg observed the media reaction to and coverage of the first presidential debate, as well as the more important event, The Rumble (between O’Reilly and Jon Stewart). While the media are pro-Obama, Goldberg said — they aren’t willing to let the president embarrass them.

But first The Rumble. That debate was “one more piece of evidence that we live in an entertainment culture,” Goldberg said. Everybody covered it, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the UK-based Guardian (which O’Reilly quickly dubbed a “communist” paper). If two “intellectual giants” held a 90-minute debate, Goldberg added, “it wouldn’t get as much attention.”

Because the media looove Stewart, he told O’Reilly, “they were willing to tolerate you.” Had Stewart earnestly noted his dislike for O’Reilly, the media would have “cut you up,” he added.

And then on to election matters and the presidential debate. The media generally agreed that Mitt Romney won and “that’s not a small point,” Goldberg argued, but that’s the same media that’s been Obama’s “most loyal base.”

Thus, that tells us something: While the media are “willing to cover” for Obama, “they will not let Barack Obama embarrass them…[or] make them look more pathetic or more stupid than usual.”

The media like to call Obama “the smartest guy in the room,” Goldberg said — but Obama lost that debate stylistically and intellectually. So they couldn’t declare him the winner.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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