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Bernie Goldberg Responds To Jon Stewart’s “Go F*** Yourself”

goldberg_stewartA few days back, Bernie Goldberg was a guest on The O’Reilly Factor to analyze the media’s treatment of Sarah Palin, in the context of her recently published book “Going Rogue.” In drawing the distinction between different family values, Goldberg claimed that, unlike Sarah Palin, “liberals don’t have five kids, one of them has Down Syndrome. Liberals certainly don’t allow that to happen.” The following day Jon Stewart re-aired the clip and responded by saying “Go f*** yourself!” Last night Goldberg was back on the Factor to reply.

To Goldberg’s credit, he appeared to understand the comedic value of Stewart’s response, and didn’t appear to become unraveled in anyway before responding. He did, however, stick to his guns in clarifying that a pro-life woman “is more likely to have a child with Down Syndrome,” as well as drawing further distinctions between liberals and conservatives. (Guess who came off better in his description.)

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