Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Goes After Chris Matthews’ Wife to His Face

matthews weaverThings got astoundingly awkward on Hardball tonight when Bernie Sanders‘ campaign manager called out Chris Matthews over something that happened during his wife’s campaign.

Matthews confronted Jeff Weaver over the fact that Sanders has yet to release his tax returns. Weaver said, “We should perhaps follow the example of yourself when your wife was running for Congress.”

Hoo boy.

Matthews muttered “Oh here we go” as Weaver said that Kathleen Matthews––who mounted an ultimately unsuccessful congressional bid this year––never released their tax returns.

Matthews said he had nothing to do with the campaign, but he would “be glad to check,” adding “I’m not even Jane Sanders here.”

Matthews remarked, “That was certainly strange.” Weaver retorted, “This is Hardball, Chris.”

A clearly miffed Matthews ended the segment by thanking Weaver and Andrea Mitchell, then thought better of thanking Weaver. “Well, no thank you, Jeff Weaver,” Matthews said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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