Bernie Sanders Fan to CNN: ‘A Vote For Hillary Clinton Is a Vote Against Democracy’

Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders has been inching toward conceding the Democratic primary and endorsing Hillary Clinton like a dehydrated snail on a strip of Velcro, but compared to some of his supporters, Bernie is the Roadrunner. On CNN this weekend, founder of the pro-Sanders Occupy DNC Convention Laurie Cestnick had real trouble accepting the fact that Bernie Sanders has at least accepted the fact that he won’t be the nominee, and told anchor Victor Blackwell that “most” of Sanders’ supporters would not be voting for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton:

According to Bernie or Bust, and most of us who are in support of Bernie are Bernie or bust at this point in time, and the reason we are is that we feel that democracy has been stolen. In our opinion, a vote for Hillary would be a vote against democracy.

Cestnick went on to say that she and her group will continue to try and swing Superdelegates by writing letters to them, and if that doesn’t work, they will “de-register” from the Democratic Party and form their own party, and hope that Bernie mounts a third-party challenge. According to a recent poll, only 55% of Sanders supporters now say thy will support Hillary, with 22% saying they will vote for Donald Trump and another 19% saying they will go to Libertarian Gary Johnson.

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