Bernie Sanders: I Don’t Owe #BlackLivesMatter An Apology

vlcsnap-2015-08-16-12h04m51s569Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on NBC’s Meet the Press that he doesn’t believe that he owes the #BlackLivesMatter protest movement an apology, even though his own staff already apologized to them.

Host Chuck Todd began by asking about a Buzzfeed piece revealing that his campaign had reached out to #BlackLivesMatter protesters after they stormed the stage of a Sanders rally and took his mic. “I apologize it took our campaign so long,” the campaign’s African-American outreach director Marcus Ferrell told them in an email.

“Well, that was sent out by a staffer, not by me,” Sanders said. “Look, we are reaching out to all kinds of groups. Absolutely I met with folks at Black Lives Matter.”

“I understand that you said a staffer put it out, but you felt an apology was necessary?” Todd asked.

“No, I don’t. I think we’re going to be working with all groups. This was sent out without my knowledge,” Sanders said.

Watch, via NBC.

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