Bernie Sanders Kind of Just Assumes Town Hall Questioner Is a Muslim (He’s Not)

vlcsnap-2016-03-15-08h22m44s654Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders committed a bit of a faux pas during Monday’s MSNBC town hall, assuming an Indian-American questioner was a Muslim when he actually wasn’t.

“The violence against religious and ethnic minorities around the country, especially in Trump rallies, is very disturbing and to be honest very scary, especially for someone who looks like me…” Spandan Shah said. “My question to you is, if president, what is going to be your approach in uniting the country, and in particular how do you address those people who relish in Trump’s divisive rhetoric?”

“Thank you very much for your important question,” Sanders said. “And it really is sad that you have to ask that question. That should not be happening in America.”

“I’m Jewish. You’re Muslim,” Sanders went on to say.

But the questioner awkwardly shook his head. “You’re–” Sanders began again.

“Hindu,” Shah replied.

“You’re Hindu. There you go, all right,” Sanders said. “But that’s what America is!”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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