Bernie Sanders: Not ‘Impossible’ Yet for Me to Beat Hillary

The math isn’t there and a lot of pundits are saying this is over, and yet Bernie Sanders affirmed on CBS this morning that it’s not “impossible.”

Sanders acknowledged it’s an “uphill fight” as John Dickerson told him it is mathematically impossible for him to win now. Sanders said it’s still possible he wins the majority of pledged delegates, but if not his campaign is ready to make their case to superdelegates.

There was an awkward moment when Sanders made a Freudian slip and said “if the Democrats want to defeat Hillary Clinton…” before pivoting and saying his campaign is the one of excitement.

Dickerson asked him why he’s suddenly embracing the superdelegates he was denouncing months ago. Sanders said it’s unfair for Clinton to have all these superdelegates on her pocket, but completely fair for his campaign to try and sway them the other way.

Watch above, via CBS.

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