Bernie Sanders Tells Chris Cuomo He is Seeking Position in Hillary Clinton Administration

3thumIndependent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders was all over the TV Friday morning talking up his political revolution and tinkering with his leverage over the Democratic Party and presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, but he dropped a quiet bomb right in the middle of one of those appearances. On CNN’s New Day, anchor Chris Cuomo frankly asked Sanders what real difference it would make even if he got everything he wanted into the Democratic Party platform, and would it not be more effective to seek a position within a Hillary Clinton administration.

Through some combination of Jedi mind-trickery and Sanders’ own authenticity, Cuomo managed to draw out a quiet but yuge response:

Cuomo: Shouldn’t you be pushing for your position in a Clinton administration, if that happens, than just the party platform?

Sanders: That’s what we’re doing too.

Cuomo: Your poker face is terrible.

This is good news and bad news for Sanders fans and Clinton supporters, because a Bernie Sanders in a position of responsibility in a Clinton administration would be amazing for them on so many levels, but Sanders’ revelation also now significantly raises expectations among his supporters for what eventual unity will look like, and it’s also an open question whether his die-hards would accept him as a member of Team Hillary.

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