Bernie Sanders’s Former Press Secretary Agrees with Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘The Left Should Take Advantage… Push to Abolish the FBI’


Briahna Joy Gray, the former national press secretary for the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign, sided with controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Thursday over the Georgia Republican’s calls to “defund the FBI.”

Greene and many other members of the hard-right have called for purging the government and abolishing the FBI in the wake of the agency’s raid on Trump’s Florida mansion on Monday.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is right about the FBI, bad faith or not. In today’s Radar, I argue that the left should take advantage of the right’s new acknowledgment of systemic bias and push to abolish the FBI— an institution that has always protected elite power, not the people,” said Gray on Twitter, sharing a clip from HillTV’s Rising where she made a similar argument.

“The FBI is bad precisely because it has always been always been a political weapon,” she says in the clip.
“And if it turns out it’s being weaponized against Trump, that is a real problem. But it would also be one of the only times the FBI has gone after people with the power to actually defend themselves,” she added.

“Let’s keep this ‘Abolish the FBI’ energy up the next time they come after normal Americans to people who aren’t billionaires, people like you and the folks that you love,” Gray concluded, quoting Greene in a clear moment of far-left and far-right crossover.

Robby Soave, a senior editor for the libertarian magazine Reason, quickie agreed with Gray.

“Yeah, we’re on the same page here. Like I’ve said a couple of times now, I wish the Republican outrage about the FBI behavior and just law enforcement in general,” he responded, adding:

Let’s keep that momentum going. Let’s actually reform it because they have harassed more than just Donald Trump. They’ve harassed people you’ve mentioned and then countless other people whose names are not important or famous names who we don’t know of.

“Which is true generally of law enforcement in general. Right?” asked Soave taking a broad swipe at American law enforcement.

“The grandmother whose door was broken into in the middle of the night by a SWAT raid that had the wrong address. You know, all of that kind of stuff that goes on routinely, not FBI, but law, local law,” he added.

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