Bernie Supporter Dick Van Dyke Lashes Out at CNN For Preempting Segment They Didn’t Preempt

1thumbIn other news, Dick Van Dyke is alive! In fact, the 90 year-old comedy legend has been stumping hard for 74 year-old whippersnapper Bernie Sanders this campaign season, including an appearance on CNN that was preempted in favor of Donald Trump coverage, a fact that isn’t sitting well with Van Dyke. The actor took to Facebook to express his outrage, and to accuse CNN of “extreme bias”:

Last night CNN International CNN gave me ten minutes live to talk about Bernie Sanders who has been scantily covered by them in favor of the Donald J. Trump circus.
It was pre-empted completely to cover another outburst by Trump. This pandering to the scandal hungry public is a total lack of responsible journalism. I accuse CNN of extreme bias.
This is the only snippet available online of my ten minute interview.

Van Dyke posted a link to a nearly three-minute segment on in which he blasts Trump and jokes that he hasn’t “been this scared since the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

It was a good hit by Van Dyke, who promoted his candidate well and took some hard shots at Trump, but it doesn’t appear to have been preempted at all. Here’s what ran on CNN International on Friday at 9:21 am Pacific time, which is a full five minutes of Dick Van Dyke:

Maybe Van Dyke had his DVR set for CNN instead of CNN International.


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