Best Headline Ever? ‘Bull Semen Forces Closure Of Interstate Ramp’

Ah, you got to love when a story is so ridiculous that reporters get flustered on live TV. That appears to be the case when Nashville’s WKRN reported on the odd situation that morning on Interstate 65 South. Some strange canisters had fallen off a Greyhoud bus, spilled, and caused an “unpleasant odor.” During the report, you can hear the immense inner turmoil going on in the voice of poor Jerry Barlar as he labors under the decision of how to describe the containers’ contents on television. He finally settles on “some stuff for…medical…for livestock. Let’s just leave it at that.”

The WKRN news team was less tactful, headlining their piece: “Bull Semen Forces Closure Of Interstate Ramp.”

This, of course, brings us to the best game of Would You Rather? ever:

Mediaite readers, which would you rather clean up on a highway, a ton of spilled bull semen or 14 million bees?

Watch the clip from WKRN below:

(h/t Gizmodo)

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