Bethenny Frankel Flashes Audience During Push-Up Contest With Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper‘s daytime talk show, Anderson, is a marked departure from the hard news he covers in the night, with typically lighter interviews and celebrity encounters. Cooper had Bethenny Frankel, the reality TV star, on the show, and she couldn’t help but challenge Cooper to a push-up contest. In a flowy dress.

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Frankel, of Real Housewives of New York fame, went on the program to promote her new projects (for an interview running in full on Monday) and, during a conversation on fitness and Frankel’s reputation for good push-ups, the host challenged her to a push-up contest she readily accepted. Upon hopping down into push-up position, her dress hopped up, too.

So, for those of you who cultivate an interest in this sort of thing, here is your “wardrobe malfunction” of the month (the only one, we hope). The clip via E! News below, and the full interview will air on Anderson on Monday:

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