Beverly Hills ‘Pot Moms’ Tell Piers Morgan Why Marijuana Makes Them Better Parents

Meet the “Pot Moms of Beverly Hills.” These are mothers who have “come out of the closet” as pot smokers in order to help bring the drug into the mainstream. Four moms sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight to explain their movement and dismissed conventional wisdom about how effective a person could be as a parent if they’ve inhaled or consumed marijuana. They explained that pot has helped alleviate their pain and it is less harmful to the human body than alcohol.

Cheryl Shuman, a cancer survivor, explained it was important for her to “come out of the closet as a corporate woman” who smoked pot. January Thomas told Morgan that a woman who smokes pot can still take care of children, considering a lot of other parents are on prescription drugs. Glenda Gurllen described how marijuana helped reduce her pain and anxiety.

Morgan acknowledged that a lot of mothers watching would find all this “outrageous,” but quickly pointed out that they would likely be saying so with a glass of wine in their hands. Amie Machado affirmed that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and easier to control in some cases. Shuman added that no one dies of overdosing on pot, and bashed the “negative stereotype” the media likes to ascribe to pot smokers.

The pot moms did say it’s important to keep the marijuana safe and locked away where the kids can’t get to them, but on the other hand, prescription drugs are a big problem for young people as well. Machado said that it’s important to talk to have a conversation with kids about this.

Watch the segment below (ideally synced up to Dark Side of the Moon) below, courtesy of CNN:


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