Beware… 67% of American Women Are About to Be Heard​ Loud and Clear

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.37.00 AMWatch out fashion industry. A new site called RunwayRiot (a new sister site to Mediaite) launched today, and it will be challenging the style and fashion world to be more inclusive.

​M​anaging editor​ ​Iskra Lawrence ​is an internationally recognized “plus-size” model who rolls 300K deep on Instagram and talks a lot about body positivity while looking and feeling incredibly hot. She was on Good Morning America this morning talking about the site. It will feature fashion stories, size-diverse fashion spreads, videos, and non-lame clothes women can buy. Oh, and they will try to get rid of that word “plus-size.” Senior Editor Ashley Hoffman says, “When out of touch designers start to notice that more than half the female population would like to get dressed, then let’s talk.”

Join their conversation on Instagram and Twitter with #jointheriot. And​ to any ​Mediaite trolls ​who are thinking, “Oh we can ​have a field day with this one…” — just before you dive in, watch Iskra Lawrence read her hate mail and rip it up in this video. You know, just in case she already addressed your ​pre-planned hilarious “fat chick” joke.

This site is awesome, the team is awesome, so please check it out here:

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