Biden Asks Republicans, ‘How Many of You Are Now Worried About The Stability of The Republic?’

On Monday night, former Vice President Joe Biden appeared on The Late Show and weighed in on the current presidency.

Stephen Colbert asked what has changed about the presidency since Donald Trump took office and he will influence future presidencies.

“I think it- God willing- will go down as the single exception in American history,” Biden responded.

He elaborated how early in Trump’s presidency some may have dismissed the people surrounding Trump as “amusing” or “embarrassing” but that it “didn’t go to the heart of who we were.”

“I’m speaking to a large crowd of Republican audience in Thousand Oaks, California and I asked them the same question,” Biden continued. “I said, ‘how many of you are now worried about the stability of the republic? How many of you are worried about the new phony nationalism and it’s us against them? How many of you are worried about this populism that is designed to essentially undermine the essence of the Bill of Right, which is there are certain inalienable right that, no matter what the majority is, they cannot overrule. I mean there’s an attack on the system.”

Biden then said we “wouldn’t be having this conversation” it weren’t for roughly 74,500 votes and that we’d “have a good president” who “understands the role of the presidency.”

The only point I’m making is we’re talking about like this was a ‘wave election,'” he clarified.

“Only he is,” Colbert quipped about Trump.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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