Biden: ‘I Wasn’t Laughing At Paul Ryan, I Was Laughing At The Assertions Being Made’

Vice President Joe Biden joined CBS News on Wednesday morning to review President Barack Obama’s debate performance on Tuesday night against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. He was asked about his own debate performance last week against GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan in which he repeatedly laughed at and interrupted the Wisconsin Congressman. Biden claimed that he was not laughing at Ryan directly but at the claims he was making.

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“I wasn’t laughing at Paul Ryan, I was laughing at the assertions being made,” Biden said when he was asked about the caricature of his performance on Saturday Night Live.

Biden was asked towards the end of the interview about his claim that he never personally received requests from American diplomatic staff in Libya for additional security prior to the deadly 9/11/12 attack.

“Neither the president nor I were told of the additional security request as Hillary [Clinton] has pointed out straightforwardly that request never got to the president or me,” Biden claimed.

Watch the clip below via CBS:

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