Biden Torches Trump for Suggesting an End to Lockdown: ‘I Don’t Agree’ That ‘Somehow It’s Okay to Let the People Die’


Former Vice President Joe Biden shot back at President Donald Trump and his supporters for suggesting that the country should abandon safety precautions while the coronavirus continues to run rampant.

Appearing on The View Tuesday, Biden was asked about how Trump hinted that at the end of the month, he’ll call for a national rollback on the safety guidelines which have been enacted to stop the spread of COVID-19. Biden emphasized that country needs to remain focused on treating the virus, despite economic consequences.

The former vice president went on to say that Americans are losing confidence because of Trump’s untruths, then pivoted to talk about how the president and others have suggested that the country needs to re-open businesses and get the economy moving again — ignoring the warnings of health officials who say that people will be put at risk if the country stops adhering to social distancing policies.

“We’re a day late and a dollar short, but now we’re catching up and I think it’s important we continue the road we’re on, and the president not make assertions not based on hard science,” Biden said. “I don’t agree with the notion that somehow it’s okay to let people die – and I’m not sure that would happen – and to make sure the economy is there for our kids.”

Biden went on to say that the economy will eventually bounce back, “but we need workers to bounce back. We need small businesses to bounce back. We need people being able to take care of their immediate needs. People are scared to death.” He went on to urge Congress to authorize direct payments to Americans thrown into financial insecurity by the pandemic’s impact.

Watch above, via ABC.

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