Biden: Trump ‘Failure’ to Fight Covid With the Same Energy He ‘Uses to Troll His Enemies on Twitter’ Has Cost Us Lives


Joe Biden went on a tear against President Donald Trump for what he called a “failure” of leadership on coronavirus during remarks in Pennsylvania Wednesday, saying the administration is prematurely declaring victory.

He knocked the president for his “absurd” comment that “if we stopped testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any,” and called out Vice President Mike Pence for his op-ed saying “we are winning the fight against the invisible enemy.”

“We still don’t have what we need when it comes to rapid results testing, contact tracing capacity, widely available personnel, protective equipment for them, or clear nationwide guidance,” Biden said. “Instead, President Trump pushes dangerous disproven drugs, stands in the way of the CDC issuing guidelines on reopening. They had them, wanted to issue them, and he wouldn’t let them. He refuses to wear a mask, failing the most basic test of leadership. He scaled back meetings of the Covid-19 task force. I guess there’s not much to do.”

Biden chided the idea Trump wants to be a “wartime president” when he’s “just flat surrendering the fight”:

“Instead of leading the charge to defeat the virus, he just basically waved a white flag and has retreated. He’s so eager to get back to his campaign rallies, he’ll put people at risk, as everyone has pointed out, in violation of the CDC guidelines. They still warn against large gatherings as long as… he’s going to allow this to happen, but he’s willing to do it as long as, not withstanding CDC guidelines, as long as the people who show up sign a waiver promising they’ll not hold the campaign liable. Oh, man. Donald Trump’s failure to fight the coronavirus with the same energy and focus that he uses to troll his enemies on Twitter has cost us lives. And it’s putting hope for an economic recovery at risk.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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