‘Biggest Visible Screw-Up’: CNN Analysts Bewildered by Media Access to Suspects’ Home

cnnRight after MSNBC, CNN, and other networks got news crews inside the home of the San Bernardino attackers, two CNN analysts absolutely tore into law enforcement for allowing it to happen.

MSNBC and CNN toured through the entire place, and MSNBC ended up broadcasting some personal details about the attackers that weren’t blurred out on live TV.

CNN legal analyst Paul Callan reacted to the media being allowed in by saying, “I think this indicates a shocking degree of negligence and, really, recklessness by law enforcement authorities here.” He said there could have easily been another suspect, and if there is, the crime scene is “contaminated” now.

CNN law enforcement analyst Jonathan Gilliam called this “the biggest visible screw-up in investigative history that I think has ever occurred.”

He said there’s still a lot of evidence in there, including potential DNA that hasn’t been checked let or more explosives in the walls.

He said he was speechless, Callan said they turned a crime scene into a “garage sale,” and Wolf Blitzer admitted it was “shocking” to see something so unprecedented too.

During a press conference later in the afternoon, the FBI noted that they were done with the property and handed it back to the landlord before the media was allowed in.

Watch above, via CNN.

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