Bill Clinton Says ‘Americans Don’t Resent Others’ Success,’ David Letterman Asks ‘What About Leno?’

Former president Bill Clinton paid a visit to the Late Show last night, where he weighed in on several topical political issues, including ideas for how to breathe new life into the economy. When host David Letterman brought up the concept of redistributing wealth — or at least the idea that the well-off would feel some sort of impetus to help out those not as well-off — Clinton seemed skeptical. “I’m always looking to blame somebody,” Letterman joked.

“I mean, one of the best things about Americans is we don’t really resent other people’s success,” said Clinton. Letterman didn’t miss a beat: “Well, what about Leno?” he asked dryly, referring to his longtime late night television rival. When he’d seemed to realize what he’d said, Letterman laughed and said sorry. But the crowd had already lost it over the joke.

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OoOOOOooooh, Letterman! Bringing shade to the late night game.

Have a look, via CBS:

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