Bill Hemmer Calls Out Larry Kudlow for New Covid Messaging: Are You Pulling an ‘About-Face’ on Masks, Social Distancing?


Fox News’ Bill Hemmer pressed White House adviser Larry Kudlow Friday on what he picked up as a change in messaging from the Trump administration on recommending masks and social distancing.

Hemmer started out by asking what the administration would support in order to get schools opened. Kudlow didn’t give specifics and just talked about the need for schools to reopen more generally. Hemmer jumped in again to ask what the administration will do to “make sure this happens in August.”

Kudlow again did not give any specifics saying, “I don’t want to do ‘what if,’ Bill, much as I enjoy our interviews, but the fact is we just want them to go to school. Now, monetary issues will be negotiated when the Congress comes back to work… and we will try to get something done quickly in the next couple weeks, Secretary Mnuchin said earlier today or yesterday.”

What Kudlow did emphasize was the need for people to follow social distancing guidelines if they want to be able to get businesses and schools reopened:

“If you want every business to reopen and stay open, if you want folks to go back to work and we have big job creation, if you want to rebuild the economic health and prosperity we had, there are four things every citizen should do, particularly those in the hot spots. Number one, face cover. Number two, distancing. Number three, testing. And number four, personal hygiene.”

Kudlow said those things “will beat the virus, as we beat it last winter and allow the economy to function.”

“But that hasn’t always been the message,” Hemmer pointed out. “Have you and others, the president included, have you made an about-face on that?”

“No, I don’t think so at all!” Kudlow said. “I don’t agree with that, the president has been out front and the vice president as leaders in this pandemic period, it’s been a very difficult period. He was early in travel restrictions to China, we were early to build an infrastructure. Mitigation…”

Hemmer jumped in again to say, “There has not been this message of everybody wear a face mask and keep the distance.”

Kudlow again said people in hot spots should be “taking the mitigation efforts and guidelines” seriously, claiming “I don’t think we wavered on that message at all.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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