Bill Hemmer Says He’d Pull Kid Out Of School That Censored ‘God Bless The USA’

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer stood up for country star Lee Greenwood and his patriotic anthem ‘God Bless The USA’ after it was censored by a Massachusetts elementary school, and later dropped altogether from an upcoming concert, saying on Red Eye Friday morning that he would’ve pulled his kids out of that school.

Guest host Andy Levy questioned Hemmer over his opinion about whether schools should be sensitive to atheists and agnostics.

“It is a public school. I guess you could argue in it if you wanted, but if I were a parent I would take my kid out of the school,” Hemmer replied.

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“It is not the values I believe in,” Hemmer added. “I don’t want my kids going there. Honestly, I like a principal with some sack!”

Hemmer quickly changed subjects to comment upon the Big Gulp-sized guest mugs the show provided him, cracking up the other guests.

“Right after you say sack you have to pick up the cup,” panelist Bill Schulz quipped.

Watch Hemmer’s comments below via Fox News:

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