Bill Kristol and Ed Martin Get Testy Over Russia Probe: ‘Such a Fake Talking Point!’

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol sparred with CNN contributor Ed Martin on New Day Wednesday morning over the special investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign ties to Russia.

Martin, a pro-Trump commentator for the network, voiced his concern that Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s campaign will expand to the point it ends up becoming a “witch-hunt in search of a witch.”

“No, Bob Mueller is a serious guy,” Kristol contended. “It is all going to be public. And if it’s illegitimate and a witch-hunt, you and the president will say so. Let’s just see what he finds.”

The conversation started to get heated when Kristol claimed the investigators are “not leaking, they’re doing their job.”

“They’re not leaking?” Martin asked incredulously.

“You think Mueller’s office is leaking?” Kristol asked.

“I think everyone is leaking,” Martin replied.

“They’re doing their jobs,” Kristol shot back. “This is such a fake talking point!…that this is tying everything up, this is hurting the president, distracting us.”

“Let’s not speculate that the former director of the FBI under Republican and Democratic presidents is engaged in what you just called a witch-hunt,” Kristol said.

“How about we don’t speculate on the president obstructing justice! Which is what you just did” Martin replied.

The two went back and forth over why Trump had dinner with former FBI director James Comey a week into his presidency.

Watch above, via CNN.

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