Bill Kristol: I’m #NeverTrump, But, You Know, ‘Never Say Never’

Bill Kristol has emerged as one of the biggest #NeverTrump voices on the right, and yet he said today that it’s not really a “never say never” situation.

On Newsmax earlier today, Steve Malzberg asked if there’s anything Trump could do to win him over. Kristol said it’s hard because there’s a serious character issue with Trump he’s not sure he could get past.

But that being said…

“I mean, I guess never say never. On the one hand, I’ll say #NeverTrump, and on the other hand, I’ll say never say never.”

This is the same Bill Kristol who wrote this:

Isn’t Trumpism a two-bit Caesarism of a kind that American conservatives have always disdained? Isn’t the task of conservatives today to stand athwart Trumpism, yelling Stop?

And the same Bill Kristol who tweeted this:

Watch above, via Newsmax.

[image via screengrab]

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