Bill Kristol ‘Not Overwhelmed’ By Rangel Ethics Scandal, Doesn’t Think Americans Care

It’s been a tough week for Congressman Charlie Rangel, who is facing a series of major ethical violations that are making for some embarrassing media coverage. But there is at least one major TV pundit willing to stand by Rep. Rangel’s side: Fox News contributor and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.

In the “All-Star Panel” segment of Special Report tonight, Kristol tried hard to express enthusiasm about the case, but could only muster listing the violations as “charged with tax fraud, or not declaring income, or whatever,” until finally admitting that he is “not actually overwhelmed by the severity of these charges.”

Describing them as the product of “a little bit of vanity” and some “sloppy” bookkeeping, among other things, he argued that the Rep. Rangel case was not so bad “compared to what happens in Congress all the time.” “I hope he fights,” he noted, “he stands up for himself.”

As for anyone who thinks the Rangel case will be a negative for the Democrats come November? Kristol argues that anyone who thinks so “thinks that voters are idiots,” adding that “there’s zero empirical evidence of this.”

Video from Fox News this evening below:

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