Bill Kristol On Obama’s Immigration Policy: ‘It’s The Right Thing To Do Actually’

On this week’s Fox News Sunday, panel took a look at President Obama‘s new immigration policy, debating both the policy and the politics. While The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol expressed preference for going through Congress, he conceded that Obama made a good move.

“I think it’s a sensible policy,” Kristol said. It would be “much better if that were the law of the land,” he added, saying Obama is pushing the “edges of the limits of prosecutorial discretion” by saying they won’t enforce the law in order to keep those immigrants in the country. Nonetheless, he said, “It’s the right thing to do actually.”

Joe Trippi, former Howard Dean campaign manager, also agreed with the policy, saying it’s good to put focus on criminals — rather than those who are children of immigrants and “see themselves as Americans.”

Karl Rove promptly disagreed. He began by thanking Obama for continuing President George W. Bush‘s legacy of “prioritizing investigations and removals of criminals, criminal aliens.” During the Bush years, he said, the examined the issue and concluded they had no statutory authority to issue a blanket exemption from deportation, without going through the legislative route.

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