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Bill Kristol Thinks We Should Be Drilling Closer To Shore

Sometimes it’s hard not to wonder whether Bill Kristol spends his week trying to think up the most inflammatory thing he is capable of saying on any given subject and then merely bides his time until Sunday mornings. Or maybe he just likes to set up Juan Williams to look extra smart and reasonable. Either way, here’s Kristol weighing in on the oil spill currently wreaking havoc on the coast of Louisiana.

So, look it was a bad accident. But the fact is, I think we get something like 1/3 of our domestic oil from off-shore drilling in the Gulf. We need it. And we can’t cut back on it. Incidentally, if we hadn’t stopped closer in drilling, after the Santa Barbara 40 years ago…we’d have a lot more drilling closer in, which is probably less dangerous, less treacherous than trying to drill 15 miles out form the coast. And incidentally if we wanted to have some on shore drilling there’s this thing called ANWAR up in Alaska, which is right there. There are no waves, there is no ocean…perfectly easy to drill a lot of oil there. So I’m a drill baby drill person.

On second thought, maybe he’s just writing SNL‘s material for them (the reaction shot from Brit Hume in the middle of that is classic). Meanwhile, Juan Williams wants to know if Kristol has considered the animals. Video below.

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