Bill Maher and Guests Rail Against ‘Complacent and Smug’ American Exceptionalism


Bill Maher “really, really hates” this new ad for Cadillac. He thinks it represents “everything that is wrong about America.” And last night on Real Time, he and his guests used the 60 second video as a jumping off point to discuss the problem with the political construct known as American Exceptionalism.

“The upside of only taking two weeks off is owning a fucking Cadillac? Is stuff?” Maher cried out after sticking his finger down his throat in disgust. “We’re overstressed, we’re overworked, this is sick!”

Author Amy Chua disagreed, calling the ad “hilarious and incredibly effective” and lauding the quintessentially American values the man in it exudes. “But what’s missing is any sense of insecurity, which makes him come off completely complacent and smug.”

“Cars don’t run on patriotism, they run on gasoline,” Salman Rushdie said, adding that even if he could afford a Cadillac he wouldn’t buy one lest anyone think he’s “like that asshole in the commercial.”

“I’m an immigrant here, so I kind of get off on this stuff,” Andrew Sullivan added, saying he particularly enjoys the “big, burly white guy swinging his dick around.” He said you can value hard work, “but is the end result of it pure materialism, pure selfishness?”

To prove that Cadillac is actually doubling down on the ideas in the ad, Maher showed some of the totally legit print ads they will be rolling out next.

Watch video below, via HBO:

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