Bill Maher And The Atlantic‘s Joshua Green Investigate Nazi-Reenacting House Candidate Rich Iott

It’s been a bizarre midterm campaign season. Taking a quick look back, Bill Maher ran through some of the highlights of the season: Christine O’Donnell, Krystal BallCarl Paladino– he even threw David Vitter in there for good measure. But this one seems to put the icing on the cake: meet GOP Congressional candidate Rich Iott of Ohio, who likes to reenact WWII battles as a Nazi in his spare time.

Maher found the clip through Atlantic Senior Editor Joshua Green, whose claims to fame include discovering Eric Massa and Bill Bennett. He discovered several damning images of Iott dressed as an SS officer, reenacting invasions with his pals. Calling Iott up to explain, the Republican congressional candidate explained that he got involved with the Nazi reenacting group the Wikings as a father-son activity with his teenager. While he claims to not be a Nazi or condone their beliefs, he told Green he has respect for the idealist young men who died in the war and enjoys studying their history. Oh yeah, also, Iott is running for Congress.

The full explanation from Real Time via HBO below:

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